The SCTA Foundation believes that anyone can play tennis and enjoy the benefits of the sport regardless of their age, ability, fitness level, or economic status. Those benefits extend far beyond the court by teaching teamwork, discipline, resiliency, and problem solving.

Tennis promotes self-confidence and self-esteem, and forms groups that create a sense of belonging, lasting friendships, and fond memories. The Foundation is driven to break down barriers and bring tennis to people and places where access is limited. We want children from low-income neighborhoods, seniors, veterans,  and those with disabilities to know that there are places to learn and play the game within their very own communities.

The benefits of youth tennis can have a lifelong positive impact on their education, careers, and lives of young tennis players. The Foundation pledges to support promising under­privileged juniors, helping them fulfill their dreams and compete with their peers, ensuring that tennis is an equal opportunity sport across Southern California!