From the Classroom to the Court

The USTA Net Generation Schools program aims to bring more youngsters into the game by providing access to tennis during and after school.

Training & Curriculum

The Net Generation Schools curriculum was developed with teachers in mind. Created in conjunction with SHAPE America (Society of Health and Physical Educators), a leading organization that sets the standards for health and physical education across the country, the program is easy, customizable and designed for anyone, regardless of experience.

USTA SoCal offers school districts and physical education teachers the opportunity to host (at no expense) an in-person professional development session, which will be run by USTA SoCal staff. To qualify, the host must bring together ten staff/faculty for two hours, and an activity space such as a gym or blacktop. It’s the first step in bringing tennis programming to your students!
The USTA Net Generation school curricula was developed for Physical Education teachers and their class structure. With turnkey lesson plans, created in conjunction with SHAPE America (The Society of Health and Physical Educators), teachers are given the proper tools to teach tennis. Lesson plans are based on the SHAPE America National Standards and grade-level outcomes for K-12 Physical Education.
USTA is proud to support tennis programming for school children across Southern California, providing essential equipment at no charge. Included in the equipment package are 30 racquets, 18 red felt tennis balls and 18 foam tennis balls, two rolls of barrier tape, a box of chalk, a hard copy of USTA Schools curriculum, and a convenient equipment rolling bag.


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